Are You Single on Valentine’s Day?

If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day and can’t help but feel nauseated by all the lovey-dovey posts flooding your social media feeds, take a deep breath and shut it off.

Remember that your relationship status does not define you as an individual, your worth or happiness. Instead, focus on cultivating self-love and self-care. Remind yourself of your amazing qualities and the unique strengths that make you who you are.

Take this opportunity to prioritize your physical health, mental and emotional well-being. Spend some time doing the things that bring you joy and make you feel good….Do something that nourishes your soul.

Don’t let the pressure of Valentine’s Day or social media dictate how you feel about yourself. Don’t start questioning yourself as to why you are single. You are enough, exactly as you are.

Celebrate your independence and embrace your individuality. Love and honor yourself, and the right person will come along at the right time. Until then, enjoy the freedom and adventure of being single.