The Power of Focusing on Solutions: Why Vibrational Frequency Matters in Coaching

During a conversation with a successful coach, I was asked why I don’t vocalize problems more loudly to clients. The coach believes that clients need to fully comprehend the issues at hand to find a solution. Although it is true that clients should be advised of the problematic situation in their life, I explained that not everyone has the capacity to fully comprehend the problem and that by focusing on solutions, it can lead to faster results. Shifting my client’s mindset is very effective.

Sometimes, people only realize the bigger picture later on due to their limited beliefs and subconscious programming. When we fixate solely on the problem, our vibrational frequency decreases, making it challenging to attract positive energy and solutions. Our thoughts shape our reality, which can be a challenging concept to grasp. Ultimately, what we focus on the most expands.

Focusing on the problem at hand, or when someone witnesses disturbing events in their life, it can trigger emotions of fear, anger, guilt, or shame further amplifying negative emotions. It’s difficult to find solutions when you are in a state of hopelessness and despair.

As an energy healer and life coach, it’s important to make the connection between our client’s vibrational frequency and their overall well-being. By helping our clients raise their vibrational frequency, we can help them identify the problem, resulting in living happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

In the world we live in, we experience a variety of dualities that shape our perceptions of life: light and darkness, the sun and the moon, right and wrong, problems and solutions.

The beauty of coaching, we can agree to disagree….