Manifestation and Self-Sabotage

On an energetic level, we attract who we are. We need to become a vibrational match for the things, people, places we want in our life. When we are an amazing person, we attract magical things, but we need to realize that we are worthy of receiving them.

Because humans prefer safe and predictable, they prefer habits and routines. When the exact thing they have been wanting to manifest shows up, some find all the excuses to destroy it as soon as it comes in.

Procrastination, and excuses will keep someone trapped in a downward spiral of pain and lack, instead of love and abundance.

This often happens when someone wins the lottery. If they don’t change their mindset, they will spend all the money they won in less than a year.

This also happens with love. They shy away from it by finding endless excuses: wrong timing, too busy, not ready, not deserving of this type of love, broken, flawed, not enough,…

This also happens when someone loses weight. They hold on to the clothes too big for them, just in case.

We need to let go of fears and limited beliefs we have about not being worthy and deserving of all the things we want in our life. It’s so simple. The magnetic pull would not be there if we weren’t ready to receive.

When we elevate our frequency, we attract better. We need to welcome those new opportunities with a growth mindset, and take actionable steps to make our dreams become a reality. 

– Julie Blouin