Escape from Small Talk: The Search for Authentic Connection

Small talk can be draining for many people. It can feel like a never-ending cycle of meaningless conversations about the weather, work, and other superficial topics. As an empath and intuitive, I prefer observing people from across the room, and knowing more about them than to engage in a superficial conversation.

Small talk lacks depth, and it doesn’t give us the room to share our thoughts, experiences or feelings. It lacks authenticity. We may be afraid to share our true thoughts and feelings with others, so we fall back on safe, surface-level topics. This can lead to a feeling of disconnection and a lack of real connection with others.

When I listen to conversations, I observe the word selection, the pauses, the breaths, the body language, and the words left unsaid. Who else is like me, and their mind needs to be stimulated with real talk?