Daring to be Different: How Living Your Best Life Requires Courage and Commitment

Living your best life takes courage to stand out and be different than everyone else. It takes commitment to stay on a path of personal growth and focus on becoming better than the person you were yesterday. It takes determination to keep moving forward despite obstacles.

When the going gets tough, I remind myself who I am, and I focus on gratitude. Mindset plays an important role in determining your level of happiness and success in life.

If you think my life is easier than anyone else’s life, it is not. I’ve had a tumultuous childhood. I lost both my brother, and my mother at a very young age, and I left home at 16 years old to start living my best life.

I have mastered the ability to say NO to all things not destined for my highest good. I also need to live with passion following my heart, and detach from everything that doesn’t feed my soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

If I can do it, you can too. You simply have to take calculated risks in life and go after your dreams.