Monetizing Success: Turning Haters into Your Greatest Motivators

When you start climbing the success mountain and reaching massive goals, some individuals sitting on the sidelines of life feel triggered by your achievements, causing them to unleash some negativity.

They feel the need to fire back at you with memes, jokes, comments, or posts instead of spending that valuable time identifying why they feel triggered in the first place.

But the reality is, it’s not even their original content. They’re just sharing something from the internet. At least monetize your own original content!

Why do they do it? Well, it’s simple psychology. Your triumphs illuminate unhealed parts of their own journey, forcing them to confront their unrealized dreams and aspirations. It’s triggered by the success they wish they had.

Instead of using that energy for self-improvement, they choose to eat chips or sweets, sit behind their keyboard, and unleash that pain in the form of online banter.

[The biggest trigger in 2023 for people was the video I posted with my twin sister recapping the year 2023. Yes, we can be identical twins, both healthy, fit, intelligent, beautiful, successful, and abundant].

Imagine this: every mocking comment, snide remark, or sarcastic post becomes the inspiration for your next brilliant piece of content. Transform that negative energy into a source of motivation, pushing you to create original articles, posts, and memes that not only showcase your resilience but also generate income.

Some people are brillant at this tactic. Their content not only highlights their intelligence but also their sense of humor. Their memes make me laugh….

So why engage in a war of words when you can fire back with compelling content? Use your success to build a brand, a platform, and, most importantly, an income stream. Your unique perspective, experiences, and talents can be transformed into valuable online content that resonates with others.

Whether it’s blogging about your journey, creating witty memes that speak volumes, or penning articles that showcase your expertise, turning negativity into creativity is a powerful way to not only silence the critics but also to build a thriving online presence.

The truth is, I don’t want to silence the critics. When they get triggered, it fuels my creativity to create content. As a life coach, bestselling author of three books, motivational speaker, and content creator, I get paid for posting original content.

I observe my environment, and I create content based on what holds most people back from living their dream life. They inspire me to write or create videos! Whether I’m out at a restaurant or looking at posts or comments online, I’m always observing the behaviors of others to spark my creativity.

These people are unaware that I’m leveraging their failed attempt to poke fun at me. When you stand firm in your authenticity, nothing can shake you. You’re able to take full responsibility for where you’re at in life. Even laugh at yourself when you fall or admit when something didn’t work out for you.

You can celebrate your own success and turn obstacles into an opportunity for growth. You realize that personal growth is a constant uphill climb. You will never stop climbing. You take a pause and rest, but you never stop climbing.

I’ve had lots of hardships and pain in my life. That’s what made me the strong and resilient person I am today. I also invest lots of money into self-improvement as I understand the importance to keep growing (life coaches, mentors, courses, books, podcasts, personal trainers, gym memberships…)

I even post my own blooper videos, challenges, videos with no makeup, imperfect hair, anything goes…I’m so proud of the person I’ve become. I use my own hardships or obstacles as a coaching opportunity. That’s what most successful coaches do. We don’t hide from our past. We leverage it into an income-generating business.

Remember, when you respond to mockery with creativity and a business mindset, you not only empower yourself but also inspire others to do the same. So, embrace the art of turning adversity into opportunity, and let your creativity pave the way for a rewarding online income.

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