The path of gratitude is the solution to finding the light in a time of profound darkness.

– Julie Blouin

Julie’s powerful and heartfelt story of grief and gratitude highlights that your mindset is the key component to living a happier life. She provides five coping mechanisms to cope with the loss of a loved one.

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How can you feel gratitude in your life?

Where can you find the courage to let the past go and fully appreciate the present moment?

Do you need to reset and energize your attitude so you can feel more thankful?

Quite often, lack of gratitude is the thing that holds us back the most. Perhaps you lived a tragedy, things don’t seem to be going your way, or your relationship ended. You might have lost your career and are now sitting on the verge of bankruptcy, or even lost your home. Whatever sort of challenges you may have lived or are experiencing now, an attitude of gratitude can pull you out and lift you. In The Attitude of Gratitude, the latest book of the series: A Journey of Riches, John Spender brings you 12 stories of people from diverse backgrounds who found ways to embrace a life of appreciation and deal with challenges that could have easily ended their dreams. Among its many insights, you will find:

  • How to overcome the belief that the global pandemic has destroyed the world.
  • The power of maintaining gratitude to pull through a terrible surfing accident.
  • How to face cancer with an attitude of appreciation.
  • How to free yourself from the pain of loss.
  • How to make the right choices in the face of adversity.
  • The key to rebuilding your life with a thankful heart.
  • How to develop the mindset of seeking gratitude.
  • And more…

Your attitude defines you. It can either wreck your chances in life or empower you with a positive stance. One of the secrets of life is that when you find the gratitude to face and banish your past, you will find true happiness.

A Journey of Riches: The Attitude of Gratitude, is more than food for thought; it’s a nourishing meal for your soul. In its pages, you will find real people who got it right and negotiated life’s struggles successfully. Here, they show you how you can do the same.

High Praise for A Journey of Riches series:

If you’re looking for an inspiring read to get you through any fear, this is it!! This book is filled with many gripping perspectives, from a collection of successful international authors with a tonne of wisdom to share.

– Theera Phetmalaigul, Entrepreneur/Investor.

A must-read for anyone facing significant changes or challenges in life right now. This book will give you the courage to move through any challenge with confidence, grace, and ease.

– Jo-Anne Irwin, Transformational Coach & Bestselling Author

A timely read as I’m facing a few fears right now. I liked the various insights from the different authors. This book will inspire you to move through any challenge that you are experiencing.

– David Ostrand, Business Owner

Contributing Authors in this volume: John Spender, Simone Waddell, Tina Vercillo, Patrick Oei, Jacinta Legg, Elizabeth Ross-Boag, Julie Blouin, King Gabriel Quincy Collymore, Kylie DeMole, Joanne Singleton, Monique Sayers and Anup Batra.

A Journey of Riches: The Attitude of Gratitude is the twenty-third book in the Journey of Riches series